I am Mark Robson, a father of 2, IT nerd, organiser, performer, dancer, teacher, clown and a photographer specialising in photography of performance. I am based in Cardiff, Wales, although an ex police van provides mobile accommodation when off working away with the circus.

My passion for photography has grown out of my passion for performance, more specifically contemporary circus. My path to where I am now is a slightly odd one. From wishing I could do that, to learning to juggle, to running a juggling club, to becoming a street performer, to working with and eventually joining Nofitstate Circus, to a need for photos of Nofitstate Circus and therefore taking some photos, to now and a desire to take great photos.

For me ‘now’ is about a couple of things/desires. First and foremost it is about wanting to take great photos of shows that truly capture the performance and the performers and to work with great companies, large and small, to document their processes of creation and performance as well as the shows themselves. It is also about a desire to do it better, more professionally, which means spending more time doing it. Ultimately this means moving away from the more traditional job/career that has happened alongside all of the above and focusing on photography and circus.

If you are interested in using any of my photos or would like me to work with you on one of your projects/shows then please get in touch

email: mark@ineptgravity.com
mobile: 07785538113