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Bike Art Trail Cardiff 2012

As part of Cardiff Cycling Festival there is a Bike Art Trail exhibition going on and I have had some photos accepted as part of the exhibition. The photos had to be cycling themed and the ones that I have put into the exhibition are all from Nofitstate’s show Parklife from 2009/2010. Parklife included the […]

Network Access Storage

Ok so I had nearly filled up another external hard drive and had to get another one or look at other options. I did some research and it was clear that a NAS made sense but which one was not so clear or the size that I should go for. A  NAS would allow me […]

Set up publicity Shots

I got a phone call last week “Please can I come down and takes some pictures that they can use for publicity for the new show”. At first look this doesn’t sound to much of a problem until you find out the show hasn’t been created yet, it is more than just an idea but […]

First Blog Post

Ok so after much pondering, investigation, dilberation and procrastination I have decided how to set up my website. I am going to use wordpress with the autofocus pro theme as the main site. This gives me the photography portfolio style that I am after on the site, as this is the main point of the […]