First Blog Post

12 Jan ’11

Ok so after much pondering, investigation, dilberation and procrastination I have decided how to set up my website. I am going to use wordpress with the autofocus pro theme as the main site. This gives me the photography portfolio style that I am after on the site, as this is the main point of the site, but with the ability to have other pages if I want them including a standard blog style page for example. It gives me very close to what I want without having to create it all myself, plus given time I should be able to adjust bits if I decide I want to.

I am also using Gallery 3.0 to provide a gallery beyond the portfolio. So the portfolio can have a very restricted number of images, but I can still make great numbers of images available for those interested.  The main reason for having a Gallery 3.0 site as well is to have a place where I can  make photos I have done for people available for them to download in a controlled and restricted way.

It is going to take me a while to get this all put together how I want it and populated with the photos, but I have now started. The aim is to get a fairly reasonable amount of content into the site by the middle of  March. Once I have achieved this I will start letting people know about it and trying to promote it a bit. Of course beyond this the aim will be to keep maintaining it and to keep it as upto date as possible. Hopefully by the end of this year I will have a great site and will be on top of getting the photos I take processed and out there. Well there is a target, we will have to see if I achieve it.

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